ICO to Ignite a Crypto Revolution

ATLANTA, Oct. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — As a “virtual asset,” cryptocurrency appeals to anyone who is looking for an alternative currency, store of value, investment vehicle, or trading resource. While cryptocurrency may be viewed skeptically by the risk-averse, due to its volatility, even conservative investors will “buy-in” to diversify their portfolios and spread the risk among a much larger pool of investors.

The main problems facing would-be crypto buyers are:


Javvy Crypto Solution Explainer Video (Business)


The icon for the Javvy token (JVY)

  • Too many choices, most of which are web-based, insecure, or missing key features
  • Lack of support for all major cryptocurrencies and tokens
  • Lack of an adequate focus on proper customer service
  • Very low limits or a cumbersome on-boarding process that is slow and frustrating

Many people are still unaware that a well-designed, feature rich wallet is essential to maximizing the usefulness of cryptocurrencies. The Javvy crypto solution is being built by a very strong team of security, compliance, regulatory, and coding professionals. It is intended to finally bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream by giving users “the easy button” for buying crypto, using it in the real world, and storing it safely. The Javvy wallet prototype is planned for release during the pre-ICO campaign.

Many crypto projects claim to be bringing crypto to the mainstream, but every one of them have failed to address all of the issues sufficiently. The Javvy team came together to share its knowledge and experience, leading to the realization that users do not need to know about crypto exchanges. What they do need is secure storage, secure access, and an easy way to buy and sell all major cryptocurrencies along with popular tokens in one comprehensive application that “just works.”

In order to make the process of buying crypto faster and easier, the Javvy team has made great strides to address regulation roadblocks and exchange dilemmas that have plagued other providers. Javvy’s regulation-centric approach requires registration only when buying or selling crypto, or when using their Javvy international debit card. Send, receive, and convert operations require no registration. With each person’s security in mind, no user’s private information will be stored on Javvy servers, leaving “nothing for hackers to steal.” Additionally, Javvy’s exchange nurtures a fully-functional crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto conversion; not just a tethered coin, but a real solution to buy and sell using national currencies.

In a world where many businesses fall short of the customer satisfaction mark, Javvy management aims to provide the best user experience possible. Users will have access to easy-to-read support documentation as well as live support on the Javvy website, by phone, or directly from the app. The dedicated men and women that make up the Javvy support team are trained to translate the complex language of crypto into layman’s terms to further facilitate mass adoption.

The Javvy (JVY) token will be used by the wallet for buy and sell transactions, which will act as an intermediary layer (patent pending). It will be immediately converted to avoid volatility, but will effectively reduce cryptocurrency reserve requirements, allowing for the easy addition of new coins and tokens supported by the Javvy wallet. The successful launch of Javvy will serve to further the development of the wallet, advanced features, national currency reserves, salaries, and marketing.

Javvy Pre-ICO Campaign Details

Many will be unable to participate in the upcoming ICO, because buying any reasonable amount of ETH is currently difficult and riddled with delays. Therefore, Javvy will launch a pre-ICO offering as follows:

ICO Start Date: 10/15/2017 @ 13:00:00 UTC

ICO End Date: 10/31/2017 @ 13:00:00 UTC

  • During pre-ICO: 15% bonus tokens
  • First 500 Contributors: 50% OFF buy and sell fees via the Javvy wallet, for one year.
  • Single Contribution > USD $1.5 million: 50% OFF buy and sell fees via the Javvy wallet, for life.
  • Single Contribution > USD $5 million: 75% OFF buy and sell fees via the Javvy wallet, for life.
  • Single Contribution > USD $10 million: 100% OFF buy and sell fees via the Javvy wallet, for life.

Upcoming Javvy ICO Campaign Details

Max Funding Cap: 2,000,000 ETH*

ICO Start Date: 11/01/2017 @ 13:00:00 UTC

ICO End Date: 11/15/2017 @ 13:00:00 UTC

Token Total Supply: Exact amount will be decided by contribution.

*High enough to avoid “fastest clicker” issues and allow everyone to participate.

NOTE: DO NOT send ANY currency to ANYONE that contacts you claiming to be associated with Javvy or the Javvy ICO. Javvy will never contact users, directly, with offers. Instead, be sure to carefully type or copy the Javvy URL, https://javvy.com/ico, into the browser and obtain the ETH address from the Javvy ICO page.

Javvy is soon-to-be the leader in Crypto FinTech for securely buying, selling, converting, using, and managing all major cryptocurrencies in a comprehensive application. For more details or to contact Javvy, please reach out to Frank Grogan, CMO, via the website or by phone: +1.888.763.6797.

SOURCE Javvy Technologies Ltd.

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Up Exxor in Partnership with Samsung


This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. Bitcoin.com does not endorse nor support this product/service. Bitcoin.com is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.

The Internet of Things and Blockchain have changed the way we do business and the way we live. Statistics show that its use will only be magnified in the coming years as the industry is rapidly growing. Samsung on its quest to provide the fastest path to secure, interoperable and intelligent IoT products and services is promising most of their devices to be IoT compatible by the 2020.

Exxor, a cryptocurrency fine-tuned to provide decentralized, efficient, secure and zero-fees machine to machine interactions in the IoT industry, will be a part of Samsung’s journey.

“It is currently an ongoing agreement and there are a lot of technical decisions to be made before we can launch at full scale. We have not yet implemented the technology to any of Samsung’s devices yet, but there is a formal agreement with Samsung to begin initial testing and development in later this year ,” says Exxor CEO, Kelvin Rodgers.

In addition, Exxor is in negotiations with a few more London based companies who have already expressed interest in transforming their business with IoT solutions, and Exxor might be able to close the deal with some of these companies in upcoming months.

Exonic Ltd, a London-based company, embarked on a mission to contribute to the emerging IoT market, making Exxor a go-to solution for many businesses who will inevitably adopt IoT in upcoming years. EXX will be a crypto currency for its networks devices, and the best part is that it uses Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG) instead of Blockchain technology allows which 0% transactions between devices on its network.

“Considering that M2M technologies have the capability to help us improve our world for the better, Exxor represents an important step forward on this quest as it caters to the shortcomings of the current system of digital currencies in the IoT platform,” concludes the CEO, reminding that Exxor’s pre-ICO starts on October 12th.

This is a paid press release. Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the promoted company or any of its affiliates or services. Bitcoin.com is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in the press release.


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Bitcoin Gamble: Man Sells Everything and Camps Out Waiting for Next Boom


Investing pros always say never to invest more than you can afford to lose, but 39-year-old Didi Taihuttu decided to go against the grain. He has sold everything he and his family own and stuck it all in Bitcoin. He is now living in a campsite on a small fortune in crypto waiting for it to reach the moon.

‘You’re crazy’

Taihuttu really has put his money where his mouth is in terms of his belief in Bitcoin as he sold not only his house and cars, but everything else, including electric bikes, motorbikes, clothes and shoes. Taihuttu even sold his children’s toys.

He’s now waiting it out at a campsite in Venlo, The Netherlands, expecting that Bitcoin will boom, making him substantially richer from the investment. Taihuttu said:

“People will say, ‘you’re crazy.’ But we are an adventurous family and are going to gamble for a moment to live minimalist lives. If you never take a risk, life is boring.”

The Blockchain revolution

Taihuttu thinks that Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and the Blockchain technology they are based on will be the future and that they are revolutionizing money and banking. He said:

“The Internet was a revolution for information. I think that Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are revolutionising the monetary system. In five years’ time, everyone will say: ‘We could have seen it coming.’ I am responding to this change now.”

Not the first time

Taihuttu has a history of major risk taking; this is not the first time he has sold it all and packed it in. In the summer of 2017 Taihuttu and his wife made the radical decision to sell everything in order to travel the world.

The couple has just returned from a nine month world trip through Asia and Australia with their three daughters. The Taihuttu’s visits included Angkor Wat in Cambodia, swimming with dolphins near Brisbane and relaxing on the beach in Thailand.

Learning along the way

Taihuttu explains that it was on this trip that he started to hear more and more about cryptocurrencies, meeting people who were already invested in it and utilizing it to its fullest.

In Bali, he met a South African exchange trader who resigned after 17 years and went into crypto trading. And on the beach near Noosa in Queensland he spoke to someone from Dubai who was trading in Bitcoin. Taihuttu explains:

“They are people who have a lot of experience in trading. That is what I am still lacking a little.”

Taihuttu himself has been “in the coins,” as he says it, since 2010, when the currency was worth less than one euro.

“I am an entrepreneur, so when I first heard about Bitcoin, I said: let’s do this.”

Dutch man risks everything hoping to hit big with bitcoin

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List of dead and worthless cryptocurrencies


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Serpstat is an SEO tool that learns from your competition


Want to learn how to build robots with Arduino?


FRETX displays tabs and chords right on your guitar’s fretboard



Didi Taihuttu expects the price of bitcoin will soar, so much so that he’s selling his house, car, and other valuables to obtain even more of it.

Now, 39-year-old Taihuttu is living at a campsite with his wife and three children, waiting till 2020 for his investment in cryptocurrency to pay off, according to Business Insider.

The cramped living space may be a bit different from the four-bedroom home the Taihuttu family, from the Netherlands, was used to, but since the house was sold under reservation partly for bitcoin in August, the value of a single bitcoin has gone from $3,700 to $4,800.

“At first my wife doubted the decision, wondering if it was the right decision for our kids — as did my brother and sister… but they are now supportive of the plan,” Taihuttu told Newsweek.

Via Business Insider:

Taihuttu thinks digital coins such as bitcoin and the blockchain technology behind it are transforming the role of money and banks in society.

With blockchain, no third party is required to approve a payment — a role currently performed by banks — and a network of computers keeps a record of all transactions.

“The Internet was a revolution for information. I think that blockchain and cryptocurrency are revolutionising the monetary system,” says Taihuttu. “In five years’ time, everyone will say: ‘We could have seen it coming.’ I am responding to this change now.”

A critique of the ICO’s draft guidance on controller

The EU General Data Protection Regulation fundamentally changes the balance of obligations and liabilities between controllers and processors. The requirements and rights offered under Articles 28 and 82 mean contracts between controllers and processors are of “huge practical importance,” W. Kuan Hon writes for Privacy Perspectives. However, according to Hon, draft guidance from the U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office “seems redolent of a twentieth-century controller world, giving not even one online example.” Hon offers up a list of examples of remaining questions, issues left unaddressed and needing clarity on topics ranging from who can be fined, to the obligations of subprocessors, to what is going to happen to joint controllers. The guidance is open for consultation through today.
Full Story

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Titus Coin ICO Planning to Produce Strong Currency


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Titus Coin ICO Planning to Produce Strong Currency

October 09, 2017 —

New Currency Option Works to Produce a Strong Payment Method

October 9, 2017 – The Titus Coin ICO is expected to be one of the hottest new initial coin offerings to find. The ICO is being utilized to support the development of Titus Invest Ltd to build up the company and to support its technology.

The general project will entail a new currency produced with half of the profits from the currency going to each of the individual investors. Much of the profits will be used to add to the coins value while also supporting Titus efforts in producing a stronger community.

A base of fifty initial members has been set up so far. These initial investors have been critical in helping to get the production of the new coins ready. This, in turn, improves upon the simplicity involved with keeping investments organized well enough.

The general goal of the ICO is to help make the Titus Coin the currency of the future. It is being promoted as a solution for retailers that offer low fees. It also works for consumers as they can get their money moved to retailers without worrying about bank interference. There is also the benefit to consumers of their coins increasing in value over time, thus expanding the potential buying power that comes with the coins.

The ICO, which uses blockchain technology, will start on October 15 at 0900 CET and end on October 19 at 2100 CET or when 100 million coins have been purchased. The escrow period for each coin will be for up to 150 days after the initial purchase of each coin.

The ICO is available to most countries. It is not available to people in the United States, China, Singapore or either North or South Korea.

The coin is being promoted as a distinct advancement in the world of cryptocurrency. A special node system makes it easier for the coin transaction process to run faster and with fewer requirements involved. This, in turn, makes it easier for a blockchain to be updated and fully functional.

Information on the new Titus Coin ICO system is available at http://www.tituscoin.com. A full white paper that lists information on the new currency is included.

Media Contact
Company Name: Titus Invest Ltd
Contact Person: Kristian Sandberg
Email: [email protected]
Address:Level1, Studio4, Meridien Hotel and Spa, St. Juliens
Country: Malta
Website: https://tituscoin.com

Source: http://www.abnewswire.com

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Bryan Feinberg: LOCI. The Blockchain of the Patent World. Thinking Better. Together.


Etheralabs / ChainDynamics CEO Bryan Feinberg dives into LOCI with CEO, John Wise.

LOCI is on a quest to unify the global and at times archaic patent world. As the company drives its capitalization via an upcoming token sale, we had an opportunity to sit down with the company’s CEO, John Wise for a deep dive into the companies and InnVenn Patent Discovery Platform. InnVenn is a superior patent searching tool that quickly and comprehensively searches the intellectual property landscape while fundamentally helping fuel innovation and the next generation of visionary’s.

Feinberg: Pretty exciting times for you these days. What is the company’s mission?

Wise: LOCI’s mission is to change the way the world invents and how ideas are valued. So many great ideas go to waste because of the prohibitive costs, time, and lack of transparency in the convoluted process of getting an idea protected with a patent. All the while actually getting rewarded a patent after the years and tens of thousands of dollars invested gives no guarantee of actually making money from your idea. The current system is risky and stifles innovation. Our platform will empower inventors and promote the effective matchmaking of ideas, capital, and talent.

Feinberg: Can you give us a high level walk through of how your platform helps an inventor? Where are you using Blockchain?

Wise: There are four phases of the invention process that our InnVenn platform helps inventors with: search, discovery, ownership, and selling. We have a DIY proprietary search and visualization tool to help quickly find relevant patents to one’s search. What usually costs around $2,500 for a single professional search someone can do themselves in minutes. Through compound searching one can truly understand the IP landscape and help pivot from their original idea to discover something new and novel, what we call“whitespace.” Then the inventor can stake a claim on the Ethereum Blockchain which gives immutable ownership of their idea. Finally, our platform provides the marketplace for someone to sell or license their idea.

Feinberg: Is there anyone else other than inventors that can benefit from using InnVenn?

Wise: Absolutely. InnVenn is designed to be a multi-sided platform that not only benefits inventors (really anyone with a good idea) but also corporations, researchers, and anyone looking to purchase intellectual property. We are the matchmakers that bridge the gap between those who make great ideas to those who can develop it and make it become commercially viable. We also work with IP law firms as affiliates who give users attorney-client privilege in their searches.

Feinberg: Why did you want to solve this market problem and what makes you qualified to answer it? Why are you doing this?

Wise: Much of my inspiration for innovation comes from my time as a crew chief, data engineer, and team manager in the auto racing industry. In this rapid pace development environment, I witnessed hundreds of great inventions with game changing technology that would never come to market. In 2008, my father and I started working on a “System and method for fuzzy concept mapping, voting ontology crowd sourcing, and technology prediction” (US9461876) that we filed a patent on 2012 and finally got awarded in 2015. This patent details the technology used on our platform to fundamentally change the way innovation is conceptualized and monetized. After all the years, enormous expenses, and going back and forth with the patent office I developed first-hand experience in patent process and its many inherent flaws.

Feinberg: Sounds like you are trying to get rid of patent system?

Wise: No. We work within the rules of the patent process and actually plan on working with the global patent offices to help streamline their processes.

Feinberg: It is a crowded ICO marketplace right now. How does yours stand above the rest?

Wise: For one, we are an established business and actually have a viable working product in InnVenn. We’re not just a project with an alpha release and a fancy whitepaper jumping on the bandwagon. One can look into our expansive IP portfolio including our granted patent to see how much time and effort we have spent into this. Also, the problem we are aiming to solve with intellectual property is massive. An estimated 70-85% of global R&D (almost one trillion dollars) is wasted annually largely due to problems in the patent process. Our goal is become a leader in help in reducing this wasted money and potential. Most importantly we have the dedicated and talented team and advisors to actually execute on our mission.

Feinberg: Do your tokens actually have any utility other than accessing your platform?

Wise: Yes. Our native LOCIcoin tokens are integral for the complete utility of our platform. LOCIcoin is used to stake ideas on the Blockchain and also acts as the medium in the exchange of ideas. For example, inventor Bob finds a great idea and uses one LOCIcoin to stake ownership of his idea for facial recognition biometric technology. LOCI recognizes its value and can purchase it from Bob for 1,000 LOCIcoin and then sell it to Apple as part of a greater IP portfolio for the next generation IPhone for 10,000 LOCIcoin. Apple will have to buy the LOCIcoin direct from Bob or from the markets. This economic model drives up the value of the tokens based on the underlying IP discovered in the platform.

Feinberg: What is your progress thus far?

Wise: We are currently running a presale of our LOCIcoin tokens to accredited investors through the SAFT agreement with Cooley LLP. Qualified and interested participants can fill out the SAFT form on our website and email tokensale@LOCI.io. The public token sale is scheduled for later in this quarter.

On the development side, we are working on and testing the Blockchain integration with InnVenn. The searching and claim creation process is available and ready. Everyone can access InnVenn for free or pay $249 monthly for the most update to date data and advanced features.