Best Plus Size Dresses for Plus size women

You are a plus size woman? And you are looking for some plus size dresses that flatter?

Below are some specific styles you may consider when shopping for your plus size dress. These styles are great for many plus sized women, but be sure to try different styles on, to see how they work on your particular body. All of these dresses shall help to create that fantastic hourglass silhouette.

  • A-line dress is a classic shape that tucks in at the waist and gently tapers down. This kind of dress is flattering for most body types.
  • Shift dress is a good option for larger women because it has no waist shaping and hangs from the shoulders. It gently drapes over a woman’s curves, rather than clinging to them.
  • Wrap dress is a shape that is very compatible with a bigger woman’s body because it is adjustable to any body and hugs the curves very well. Just be sure that there is enough material in the dress to cover your body.
  • Maxi dress is a style that can be attractive for a plus size girl if care is taken to choose the right style. For maxi dresses, be sure to maintain a defined waist and do not allow that loose “mu-mu” look. As well, you may wish to consider a side split to break up the bulk of a maxi dress. An open neckline at the top also helps to offset the long length of the dress.
  • Shark bite hem dress is a very lovely style that features an asymmetrical hemline. This dress line is very flattering for a bigger girl because it creates a diagonal, which makes the woman look less big.
  • Optical-illusion dress is great design for plus size women. These dresses will make bigger women look slimmer.

Don’t forget that a dress can be your best friend. Many plus size women shy away from dresses because they think they are for the “skinny girls” but it is not totally true. Plus size dresses allows you to show off your curves in a way that no other piece of clothing can.